Who and What is Robo House?

Find out more about who Robo House is and what we‘re doing.

First off, the who.

That's me, Kevin Wynn, I am Robo House. It all started in 2017 when I had decided I wanted to take on more freelance work in both design and development. I had originally come from a design background where I worked as a web designer for a handful of years. And then moved into development. And at the time I wanted to expand on my freelance work to give myself more of a "I'm my own boss" feel to my work. I had this dream of being good enough to pick and choose my own clients and work on what I wanted to work on.

Fast forward to today. It's the start of 2023 and I've got more experience under me, I've made a lot of connections and have began to grow my professional network. And with that, word of mouth is happening. I feel proud not having caved into working on projectsI didn't like or taking on social media to draw clients. And I can finally say that Robo House is now becoming a real thing. A real house for my contract work to live under.

So, what all does Robo House do?

Simply put - Everything.

From web and app design, mobile, logo, branding, you name it. I can design it. You want development? I can do that too, backend, frontend, mobile, no problem. You need some devops work? Say the word. But let me break down things a little more in detail for you...


  • Web design
  • Mobile design
  • App design
  • Branding and logo


  • Mobile app development in both iOS and Android
  • Web app development, frontend and backend with database work
  • Native macOS standalone app development
  • Marketing website with admin interface, Wordpress, Contentful, or custom CMS
  • Wordpress theming
  • Custom static site generation backed by CMS of choice

Infrastructure and DevOps

  • AWS or GCP infrastructure running single vm instances or entire Kubernetes ecosystems
  • Fully automated pipelines, cloud or self hosted options
  • Infrastructure as code backed by helm, terraform, etc
  • Database management and/or migration
  • Application or web hosting

Not only do I offer all these services but I also offer web hosting and a plethora of resources available to you, the client. A dashboard that allows you to visually see the progress on your projects, the time spent, as well as notes as I make progress. You have the option to adjust deadlines, make notes, pause and resume projects. Create new projects on a fly. All from the dashboard. It connects directly to all the different services I use so I will get notified of any changes when you make them.

You can even host through my dashboard. I use AWS to back hosting servers and stand up Cloudflare in front all projects to retain their safety and speed across all networks. These can all be created and managed from the dashboard as well. I offer point and click Wordpress set up and hosting with some more advanced features like deploying Serverless commands or your application via a Docker Image.

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